Kratom is a powerful health and wellness tool, capable of giving patients the ability to reclaim their life on their own terms. But to do that, it’s important that your customers know that the product that they receive is safe, pure, potent, and effective. That’s why all of our kratom strains and blends are carefully hand-selected and tested based on the industry’s strictest criteria.


We work with only the world’s most respected professional kratom growers. We select these farms based on their proven dedication to using the healthiest, safest, and most sustainable farming and extraction methods.


We give your kratom customers the peace of mind they need by providing comprehensive Certificates of Analysis for each and every kratom product we source. After harvesting, processing, and extracting, each and every one of our batches is subject to a comprehensive set of third-party laboratory tests, carried out by only the most reputable independent labs. These tests verify the potency and purity of each and every kratom product we provide.


Maeng Da

Green Vein

Red Vein

White Vein